Last Reviewed:  23rd August 2020

Last Change: 23rd August 2020

Scouting nationally has moved into an Amber Readiness state for the return to face-to-face scouting, and 2nd Worthing is looking forward to taking advantage of the opportunities this will provide us when the time is right.

The sections continue to provide virtual scouting to all group members.

As part of our covid preparedness, before any meeting occurs, we carry out risk assessments on ensuring we provide a covid-safe environment.

In Amber, we only run:

  • Outdoors
  • Limited to a maximum of 15 people in each group (we can run multiple groups 25m apart at the same time)
  • Reduced Hours
  • Social Distancing of 2m

Risk Assessments

As well as our usual assessments to manage risk, we do a specific set of COVID-specific risk assessments, similar to how businesses do COVID-SECURE for their workplaces.

Section Specific Risk Assessments

Location Risk Assessments


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[17/07/2020] Scout Troop has first meeting
[16/03/2020] Face-to-Face Scouting suspended due to COVID-19