Last Reviewed:  26th December 2020

Last Change: 26th Decemeber 2020

Scouting in West Sussex is currently in a Red Readiness state due to our Tier 4 status – so no face-to-face meetings, but we can, and will, continue to meet virtually during this period.

Risk Assessments

As well as our usual assessments to manage risk, we do a specific set of COVID-specific risk assessments, similar to how businesses do COVID-SECURE for their workplaces.

Section Specific Risk Assessments

Location Risk Assessments


[26/12/2020] All sections meeting virtually as West Sussex moves to Tier 4
[02/12/2020] All sections meeting physically during Tier 2
[05/11/2020] All sections meeting virtually during lockdown 2.0
[21/07/2020] Cub Packs have first meeting
[17/07/2020] Scout Troop has first meeting
[16/03/2020] Face-to-Face Scouting suspended due to COVID-19